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Zinedine Zidane (France)

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It was zinedine zidane and Matrezzi.

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Q: Who was sent off in the 2006 world cup finals?
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Players sent off in facup finals?

The Arsenal goalkeeper in 2006 cup verses Barcelona Jens Lehmen, and the Chelsea striker Dider Drogba were sent of in the F.A cup final.

Has team USA ever made it to round of 16 in world cup?

In the 2006 world cup in Germany the U.S.A reached the quarter finals.

Which teams played semi finals of world cup 2006?

Italy France Germany Portugal

Team made history by reaching the quarter finals of the World Cup?

It was Ukraine in the the 2006 world cup. as they are the only team in the world cup history , to loose their first game to Spain 4-0 , and then still reach the quarter finals. Thanks to goals from Shevchenko.

In which finals was a French player sent off for the first time in world cup history?

1958 ya baby

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Who played the finals in 2006 World Cup?

Italy beat France in the World Cup final in 2006.

Which team was the winner of football world cup 2006?

Italy had won the world cup 2006 by beating France in their finals..

Was England in 2006 World Cup?

England were in World Cup 2006, where they reached the quarter-finals before losing to Portugal on penalties.

Who did Germany beat in the world cup finals in 2006?

It was not Germany, but Italy that defeated France in 2006 world cup final on penalties.

Who is the youngest player to get sent off in world cup finals?

Beckham (I think)

How far did England get in the 2006 FIFA world cup?


Which country did Italy beat during the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2006?

In 2006, Italy France, Germany and Portugal, competed in the FIFA World Cup. The Competition happened in German. Italy beat France in the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

Who came in as fifth place in the 2006 world cup?

There is no fifth place as such in the World Cup, but Brazil, Ukraine, England, Argentina were the teams knocked out in the quarter finals of World Cup 2006.

How many times have Australia got to the finals?

world cup finals 3 times 1974, 2006, 2010

In the 2006 world cup which team got to the finals but lost in penalties?


Did Brazil qualify in the 2006 world cup?

Yes, they reached the quarter finals.

Has Australia ever made it to the finals in soccer world cup?

Yes Australia made it to the 2006 world cup in Germany.