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Most Passes Intercepted, Season, 42, George Blanda, 1962 season

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Q: Who threw the most interceptions in a single NFL season?
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What player had the most interceptions in one year?

In 1962, George Blanda, the Quarterback for the Houston Oilers, threw for 42 interceptions in a single season.

Which quarterback has thrown the most interceptions in a single season?

NFL: As of the 2008 season, that was George Blanda of the Houston Oilers who threw 42 interceptions in 1962. Second highest is Vinny Testeverde of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who threw 35 interceptions in 1988.

What Quarterback holds the record for most interceptions thrown in a season?

Most Interceptions ThrownGeorge Blanda (Houston Oilers '62) threw the most interceptions in one season.

What quarterback threw the most interceptions in one season for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 1955, Jim Finks threw 26 interceptions, that was the most by a Steelers quarterback in one season.

Who threw the most interceptions in the 2010 NFL season?

In 2010, Eli Manning of the New York Giants threw the most interceptions with 25.

Who threw the most interceptions?

Brett Favre - 366 interceptions in his career, regular season and playoffs.

Which charger has the thrown the most interceptions in one season?

Through the 2008 season, that is John Hadl who threw 32 interceptions in the 1968 season.

What was the most interceptions Mel Blount of the Pittsburgh Steelers had in a single season?

11 in 1975. He led the NFL in interceptions that season.

Who threw most interceptions in one NFL season?

35, by vinny testaverde

Which NFL quarterback threw the most interceptions in 2007 season?

Carson Palmer

Ben roethlisberger most interceptions one season?

In the Steelers 2006 campain, Roethlisberger threw a total of 23 interceptions.

Which quarterback threw the most career interceptions?

Through the 2008 season in the NFL, that is Brett Favre with 310 career interceptions.

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