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Q: Who had 3 interceptions in an NFL game?
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Who has thrown the most interceptions in an NFL game?

Jim hardy of the cardinals threw 8 interceptions in a game in the 1950's

What is the per game average number of interceptions by NFL quarterbacks?

based on calculations from the 2008 season, the average number of interceptions thrown by starting NFL quarterbacks is .83.

Who did Tom Brady throw 5 interceptions against?

Through Week 7 of the 2010 NFL season, Brady has never thrown 5 interceptions in an NFL game. He has thrown 4 INTs in 5 NFL games, the last time being in the 2006 season against the Colts.

What NFL team leads the league in interceptions?

The Titans Get the most interceptions

What nfl quarterbacks have thrown 5 interceptions in one game and their teams have won that game?

Tony Romo in 2007 and Matt Ryan in 2012

What is the most interceptions John Elway has thrown in a game?


Which NFL quarterback hold the single season interceptions?

Brett Farve in 2005 with 29 interceptions

Who is the only player with 3 interceptions in a super bowl game?

THe player with 3 interceptions in a super bowl game is easily Rod Martin, a DB for the Oakland Raiders when they beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XV.

Who leads the nfl in interceptions thrown in 2010?


Who led the NFL in 2009 in interceptions?

Jarius Byrd

Who lead the NFL in Defensive interceptions in 2009?


Player with most interceptions for touchdowns?

rod Wilson holds the nfl record for interceptions retuned for touchdowns with 12.