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In world cup history , it is Just Fountane of France in 1958 with 13 goals.

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Q: Who scored the highest number of goal?
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Which player has scored the highest goal of a world cup tournament?

The highest number of goals by a single player a world cup match was scored by Oleg Salenko of Russia in 1994 , the match was verses cameroon he scored 5 goals, it was 5-0.

What is the highest goals scored in a soccer game?

Zein have do the best goal

What team has the highest goal record in 2010 world cup?

Portugal scored the highest number of goals in the 2010 world cup it was 7 goals verses North Korea.

Which football player scored there 100th premier league goal in 2000?

The goal was actually goal number 1000 , and it was scored by Les Ferdinand.

Who is the highest Goal Scorer in World2011?

The highest goal in 2011 season have been a MAKAZZI scored by W.ROONEY (MAN.UTD vs MAN.C 2:1)

Who is the highest Goal Scorer in Africa?

I scored 201 once against my sister

Who scorred highest goal in football?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil is the player who has scored the highest goals in football.

Who has scored the highest number of goals in one season?

Actually accordance to my view pele the great is the only person who has scored highest goal in one season.according to my view he has scored 86 goals in one season keeping world record and messi has scored 83 goals in one season.Thats ithope got ur answer

Who is the highest goal scorer in the English Premiership?

Alan Shearer had scored 260 goals.

Who is the highest goal in primer ship?

This season, Man City have scored the most goals.

What is the highest aggregate score in Premier League?

The highest number of goals scored is 11 eleven , scored by Tottenham Hotspur.

What is the highest number of goals scored in a season?


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