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The highest number of goals scored is 11 eleven , scored by Tottenham Hotspur.

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Q: What is the highest aggregate score in Premier League?
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What is the highest score in the premier league?


What is the highest score draw in the English football league?

In the premier league the highest score draw is 4-4, im not sure about before the premiership though

What is the highest full time football score in the Premier League?

The highest scoring game in Premier League history as the 7-4 thriller between Portsmouth and Reading on the 29th, September 2007.

In the premier league what is the highest score win?

Manchester United 9 - 0 Ipswich town

What keepers have scored in the premier league?

goalkeepers to score in the premier league

What school has the highest aggregate score?

Nanyang girls'

What is the highest score Brendon mccullum has scoredin India Premier League?

Opening day of the first season of IPL, he smashed an unbeaten 156. That's the highest individual score in any game of Twenty20.

What is the highest run score in 1 over in English cricket?

37 runs by chris gayle in IPL ( indian premier league )

Who was the first Dutch player to score in the English premier league?

Manchester Cities Michelle Vonk in 1992, was the first Dutchman to score in the English premier league.

Who was the first Dutchman to score an own goal in the Premier League era?

Arjen Robben was the first Dutchman to score an own goal in the Premier League era.

What is record Highest score in an English premier league game?

9-0, Manchester United beating Ipswich Town at Old Trafford.

Highest amount of goals scored in an engkish soccer match?

The highest score in an English Premier League (formed in 1992) match was Manchester United 9 Ipswich 0

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