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In Super Bowl XLV, Hines Ward scored the first Steelers touchdown. It was an eight yard pass from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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2011-02-09 06:44:13
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Q: Who scored the first Pittsburgh Steelers touchdown in Super Bowl XLV?
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Who ran the touchdown back for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII?

In Super Bowl XLIII, Steelers linebacker James Harrisonhad a 100 yard interception return for a touchdown. It is a Super Bowl record.

Did jay Novacek score a touchdown in a super bowl game?

Yes he scored a TD against Buffalo in Super Bowl 27 and a touchdown in Super Bowl 30 against Pittsburgh.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl?

Yes they did, with the last, best touchdown of the game. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 27-23 to win Super Bowl XLIII.

Who was the 1st black man to win a Super Bowl mvp?

It was Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris, who was named Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl IX. Harris rushed for 158 yards and scored a touchdown in the Steelers' 16-6 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl record?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-2 in Super Bowls.

Longest run in a Super Bowl?

Offensively, the longest play from scrimmage is the Pittsburgh Steelers "Fast" Willie Parkers 75 yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XL(40) against the Seattle Seahawks. Defensively, the longest play is the Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrisons 100 yard interception return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXIII(43).

Of the Pittsburgh Steelers 7 Super Bowl appearances which one did they score the most points?

It was their third Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XIII the Steelers scored 35 points against the Dallas Cowboys.

What was the longest play in Super bowl history?

Super bowl 43. James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers returns an interception of Kurt Warner 99 yards for a touchdown.

Who has been to the Super Bowl 6 times?

the Pittsburgh steelers the Pittsburgh steelers

Which two Pittsburgh Steelers players scored safeties in the Super Bowl?

Dwight White in Super Bowl IX and Reggie Harrison in Super Bowl X.

What is the difference between the total number of points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls and the total number of points scored by their opponents?

The Steelers have a +29 point differential throughout the 8 Superbowls they played in.

Who is Fast Willie?

"fast" Willie Parker is a running back for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. Parker was signed as an undrafted free agent out of the University of North Carolina. He scored on a 75-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XL, which is the longest rushing play in Super Bowl history. He has won two Super Bowls titles with the Steelers, in Super Bowl XL and XLIII.

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