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It was their third Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XIII the Steelers scored 35 points against the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: Of the Pittsburgh Steelers 7 Super Bowl appearances which one did they score the most points?
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What nfl team had the most appearances in the Super Bowl?


Who has the most super bowl wins?

The steelers, with 6

What team has the most super bowl appearences?

Pittsburgh Steelers. 8 appearances and 6 wins.

Who is winning super bowl Pittsburgh Steelers or green bay?

Steelers, not by more than 10 points

Who won more Super Bowls than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No other National Football League team has won more Super Bowls than the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have won six times in eight appearances.

What team has played 7 Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh Steelers. But the Dallas Cowboys have the record at 8 Superbowl appearances.

By how many points are the Pittsburgh Steelers favored to win Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers are not favored. Currently, the Green Bay Packers are favored by 2.5 points.

NFL team with 6 Super Bowl appearances?

They are Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos.

Which two teams have participated in the most super bowls?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers share the record for most appearances with eight.

Witch NFL team went to the Super Bowl 8 times?

As of November 2013, the following teams have won the Super Bowl exactly five times:Dallas Cowboys (5 wins out of 8 appearances)San Francisco 49ers (5 wins out of 6 appearances)Additionally, the Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 times out of 8 appearances in the Super Bowl.

What were the scores for the 8 times that the Pittsburgh Steelers were in the Super Bowl?

STEELERS SUPER BOWLS: Super Bowl 9 (1975) - Pittsburgh Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 6. Super Bowl 10 (1976) - Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 17. Super Bowl 13 (1979) - Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31. Super Bowl 14 (1980) - Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Los Angeles Rams 19. Super Bowl 30 (1996) - Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Dallas Cowboys 27. Super Bowl 40 (2006) - Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Seattle Seahawks 10. Super Bowl 43 (2009) - Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Arizona Cardinals 23. Super Bowl 45 (2011) - Pittsburgh Steelers 25 Green Bay Packers 31.

Have the Dallas Cowboys gone to the most Super Bowls?

No. The New England Patriots have made the most Super Bowl appearances with nine. The Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Bronco are second with eight appearances each.