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technology has simply made Basketball easier to play and absolutely funner to play.

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Q: How has technology effected basketball?
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What has effected the native culture?

technology, modernization, assimulation

What does technology have to do with basketball?


How does the Technology affects basketball?

Because you can play basketball on the internet

What effect did technology have on human resources?

How technology has effected human resource, and what will it face in the future, what is going to be the implication?

How technology has effected the educational world?"

How has science effected technology?

By improving the technologists understanding of the law of nature.

How has technology effected swimming?

One of the ways technology has effected swimming is that now we have electronic timing boards. When the swimmer finishes and touches it the result is immediately put on the result board for everyone to see. I Hope it helped!!

How did technology effect the world?

Technology has effected the world ever since it was invented, for example people want to play more video games rather then reading the world, also people text on there phones daily which means they are missing out on the outside world.I say Technology has effected the world.Thank you :)

How do basketball officials use technology?

whatch porn

How did technology change in Canada from 1900 to 1915?

The telegraph really effected Canada in many ways.

How had the conflicts between natives and settlers been effected by the earlier exchanges of technology?

dennis hopkins

How has technology effected lawyers?

one way technology affected lawyers is that now they must check for illegal use of technology, to win a case, so for them it somewhat made their jobs harder to do

What type of technology is used to play pro basketball?

No technology is needed to play pro basketball. is skills that are important. u might be asking about technologies used in pro basketball. The main technology used is instant slow motion replay to make descisions for last second shots, last touches etc.

How might you integrate basketball with the use of technology?

Well, the scoreboard use technology. Sensors detect if the ball went into the hoop.

What are five effects of technology on the arts?

Technology has effected art in many ways . Things like photograph has made art easier than in the old days .you take a photo and your computer makes it for you .Technology made arts wurthless

How Has Information technology done more harm than good?

Information technology has been harmful in some circumstances. IT has negatively effected face to face social interactions and it can be used for cyber bullying.

What three objects have not been affected by technology?

There is, in effect, nothing that hasn't been effected by technology. The second one of our ancestors picked up a rock to use as a tool, the world was changed forever.

Why use technology in sport?

say if it was in basketball and you didnt see the dunk or three pointer they made well with technology you could see the replay.

In what ways has modern technology such as cell-phones and ipods and computers negativaly affected todays communication skills?

electronics have effected communication skills by getting people more intent with it as the world advances in technology

Is basketball science or technology? deals with muscle training, conditioning, and a million other sciences. Technology comes in with stats, scoreboards, etc.

How has diving changed overtime due to technology or science?

what rules have changed over time with basketball

How does technology effect basketball?

the leather (or rubber) can effect the way it bounces on the hoop, how big the ball is. Remember: Technology is a way to do something better/more efficient

Is earth about the size of a basketball?

Only if you are in a spaceship very far away and you have a basketball in your hand and it is April 1st. No, the Earth is NOT the size of a basketball. If it were, then there is no way with the technology we have now that we could create a basketball. Also, there is no way that we would be able to have so many basketballs on Earth as we do.

What is Kenny Anderson well known for?

Kenny Anderson is famous as a professional basketball player. He has retired from basketball currently but he played as the guard for the Nets. Georgia Institute of Technology.

How does Marie Curie's work effect technology?

Well I couldn't really find anything about how her work effected technology but I do know how her work effected other stuff, such as; Radium has the ability to: ~ improve livestock ~trace pollution in rivers ~test steel and concrete structures beneath the oceans and lastly ~hospitals use Radium to sterilize equipment and diagnose/treat diseases such as cancer.