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Place Kicks:

107 yards - Albert Thurgood(Essendon), using a place kick (6/22/1899)

105 yards, 1ft - Dave McNamara (St Kilda VFL), Junction Oval, July 21 1914

103 yards, 2in - Jack Leith(Melbourne VFL),. MCG, May 23 1905

98 yards - Austin Robertson(Port Melbourne VFA), Port Melbourne CG, August 1941

Drop Kicks:

116 yards - Fred Fanning(Melbourne Seconds VFL), v Richmond, Seconds Grand Final, MCG, September 1939
94 yards, 2ft - Horrie Clover (Carlton VFL), v Richmond, Princes Park, July 9 1921.
93 yards, 1ft - Joe Garbutt (Port Melbourne VFA), v Northcote, MCG, Grand Final, October 1929.
92 yards, 1ft - Jack Worrall (Fitzroy VFA), v Carlton, MCG, August 1889.
90 yards - Albert Thurgood (Essendon VFA), v Melbourne, MCG, July 1893.

85 yards - Bernie Quinlan(Footscray VFL), Melbourne, Western Oval, June 11 1966.
84 yards - Paul Vinar (Geelong VFL), HSV7 champion kick, 1965.

Punt Kicks:

94 yards, 2ft - Harry Vallence (Carlton VFL), v Collingwood, Victoria Park, May 27 1933.
94 yards - Jeff Fehring (St Kilda VFL), v Collingwood, Moorabbin Oval, April 11 1981.
93 yards, 1ft - Frank Caine (Carlton VFL), v St Kilda, Junction Oval, June 17 1905.

91 yards - Ray Kercheaval(Chicago USA), with Australian football, USA, 1935
87 yards - Ross Glendinning (Nth Melbourne), Victoria Park, April 30 1983.

80 yards, 6in - Paul Vinar(Geelong VFL), Craven Filter Champion Kick, Melbourne, 1968.

65 yards - Ola Kimrin, preseason. Denver Broncos (W 31-0) vs. Seattle Seahawks, 8/25/2002.

63 yards - Tom Dempsey, New Orleans Saints (W 19-17) vs. Detroit Lions, 11/8/1970

63 yards - Jason Elam, Denver Broncos (W 37-24) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 10/25/1998

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2 ft high

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Q: Who holds record for longest kick in football?
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Who holds the university of Miami record for longest kick return?

Devon Hester

What was the longest kick in football history?

The longest kick in history is 63 yards whose record is shared between Jason Elam and Tony Dorsett.

How holds the highest kick on record?

No one really records kick height.

The longest pass with a Nerf football?

however hard you kick it

What is the longest distance a football has been kicked in any code of football?

The longest kick ever in football was done by Tom Dempsey 63 yards

Who holds the orange bowls longest field goal kick?

Mr. Lee.

Who holds the NCAA record for most kick returns for a touchdown in a season?

Oh simpson

Who holds the record of most kick and punt returns?

Devin Hester - Chicago Bears

What does LONG stand for in football stats?

Could be long snapper For a kicker it would be the longest successful kick. For others it would indicate the longest carry or catch.

Who holds the record for the longest punt in Georgia Tech history?

I am not entirely certain but I believe it was a game when Alabama played GT in Atlanta in 1980 and it was a quick kick on third down with Tech deep in the hole...The QB rolled out and did a rugby stype kick that went about 82 yards... bear Bryant was not expecting this.

Who is the longest goalkicker in the AFL?

Approx. 85 metres. Ben Graham (Geelong V Port Adelaide Rd 19 1999) The longest kick in Australian football history is 107+ or 109+ yards, depending on source, kicked by Albert Thurgood, using a place kick back in about 1899.

What was the longest field goal or drop kick by Jim thorpe?

The longest drop kick by JIM Thorpe was 55 yards!