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Anelka ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER CITY, BOLTON and now he might join Chelsea so... Probably Andy Cole - he played for Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and now for Sunderland - 7 out of the 20 teams

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Nicolas Anelka- Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea

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Q: Who has played for the most Premiership clubs?
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What international striker has played for three premiership clubs?

The only one I can think of has played for five premiership clubs: 1997-99 Arsenal. 2002 (loan) Liverpool. 2002-2005 Manchester city. 2006-2008 Bolton. 2008- present, Chelsea. Nicholas Anelka.

International footballer who has played for three different premiership clubs?

Peter Crouch. There are probably loads of others though.

Name a current premiership striker has played for clubs in 6 different countries who have all played in the champions league or European cup?

Nicolas Anelka?

What clubs have won the premiership title?

man utd (10)

Which player has played most in English premiership?

It was Gary Speed over 668 games.

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Soccer player who has played for most premiership clubs?

I believe it's Andy Cole with 7 clubs.

What player has played for six premiership clubs but no scored?

Wayne Routledge. No League goals in Premiership for his 6 clubs. One cup goal

How many clubs are in the premiership?

There are 20 clubs in the Premiership.

Who has scored the most premiership goals for four different premiership clubs?

Darren bent

Who played for 8 premiership clubs?

Nicolas Anelka

Which premiership player has played for two out of the four top clubs?

Nicolas Anelka

How many clubs played in Barclay's premiership since start?

43 i think

Who has played for 6 different premiership clubs yet never scored?

Stuart Pearce

Captained at world cupand played for three premiership clubs with free transfer?

david beckham

6 premiership clubs that nick barnabt has played for?

Spurs, Middlesbrough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds and Hull

Who was known as a great striker who played for 2 premiership clubs yet only scored once?


Football players to have scored hatricks with 3 different premiership clubs since premiership started?

players who have played for 5 premiership clubs and scored for all 5 clubs