How many clubs are in the premiership?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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There are 20 clubs in the Premiership.

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Q: How many clubs are in the premiership?
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How many clubs have competed in the premiership?


How many clubs played in Barclay's premiership since start?

43 i think

How many soccer clubes are in the UK?

im not sure but there is 20 clubs in the English premiership

What player has played for six premiership clubs but no scored?

Wayne Routledge. No League goals in Premiership for his 6 clubs. One cup goal

Who has scored the most premiership goals for four different premiership clubs?

Darren bent

How many clubs in the premiership have foreign players?

They all do. THIS QUESTION DATE: 8/12/2008

What premiership football clubs start with p?


Which premiership clubs did Ron Atkinson Manage?

Aston Villa

Who has scored for two different premiership clubs?

bill Cosby

What clubs have won the premiership title?

man utd (10)

Soccer player who has played for most premiership clubs?

I believe it's Andy Cole with 7 clubs.

Who else has won the premiership?

Only 4 clubs have won the English Premiership: Manchester United. Blackburn. Arsenal. Chelsea.