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Q: Who does Lewis hamilton race for?
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Did Lewis hamilton ever race for Ferrari?


What inspired Lewis Hamilton to race?

Ayrton Senna

What race is Lewis Hamilton?

Fuji 2007 and Silverstone 2008

Which was the first F1 race Lewis Hamilton never lead?

The first race of the year in Australia

Is Lewis hamilton the best race driver of all time?

no! of course not!

When did Lewis hamilton last win a race?

2011 German Grand Prix

What shoes does Lewis hamilton wear during an f1 race?


Where Lewis Hamilton lived?

He dosent live anywhere .he goes to different places to race

What is Lewis hamilton ethnic background?

Lewis Hamilton is biracial. He has a white mother and black father. Lewis is most known for being a Formula One race car driver.

In which country did Lewis Hamilton make his grand prix debut?

The 2007 Formula One season was the debut season of Lewis Hamilton. He made his debut in the Australian GP that year. This race was held on March 18th 2007. The race was won by Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari and Lewis finished third in that race. Hamilton started 4th on the grid and was promoted to 2nd position during the race. Fernando Alonso regained the 2nd position and demoted Lewis to 3rd place after the second round of pit stops.

What is A RACE scoring pole?

it is a race which in you have to score the fastest time to get first on a grid. Like Lewis Hamilton at the Canadian grand prix 2010.

What is Lewis Hamiltons full name?

Lewis Hamilton's full name is: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton