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Damion Easley has played the most games without making a playoff appearance

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Q: Who are the top 10 active MLB players who have played the most games without making a playoff appearance?
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How many pitchers on a playoff roster?

There is no set amount of pitchers that will be listed on a playoff roster. The playoff roster consists of some players on the 25 active roster list and any players who are on the disabled, suspended, military or bereavement list.

Which NHL goalie played the most playoff games?

Patrick Roy (247). The NHL record for players is held by Chris Chelios (260*) * as of 2008(he is still active)

Who was the san francisco giants right fielder 5 years ago?

Randy Winn, who played for the Giants from 2005 to 2009. The switchhitter retired after the 2010 season after having become the active major leaguer who played in more games -- 1,717 -- without a playoff appearance.

Which active quarterback has the most playoff wins?

Tom Brady

Which active NFL player has the most playoff experience?

Darren McFadden

Can a NFL player go from IR to the active during the playoff season?


How many active players in kho - kho?

Totally 9 active players from a team will be allowed.

When does a player have to sign with an nba team in order to be eligible for the playoffs?

Each team that qualifies for the NBA Playoffs must submit a list of its players eligible to compete in playoff games on the day following the end of the regular season. Because there is no Injured List for the NBA Playoffs, each playoff team must designate the 12 players eligible for the playoffs from all of its regular season lists (Active, Injured and Suspended). A player who is on the Injured, Active or Suspended List at the end of the regular season, but who is not designated for playoff eligibility, need not be waived. He remains on the appropriate regular season list through the NBA Playoffs. Teams must have at least nine eligible players dressed and able to play in a playoff game. Teams failing to comply are subject to fines.

How many active players have gone to the NFL from Clemson university?

In 2012, there are 17 players from Clemson that are active right now.

How many players on the New England Patriots are on the active roster?

Each team in the NFL has 45 players on its active roster.

What the maximum number of players on a baseball team?

25 Active Players 40 Players on the roster

What active player has played in the most NBA playoff games?

Robert Horry with 244 games.

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