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New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champs

The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 World Series

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2010-01-11 06:34:55
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Q: Who are the 2009 World Series champions?
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World Series baseball champions?

Thge 2009 World Series Champions are the New York Yankees.

Who will be 2009 World Series champions?

New York Yankees... clearly!

How much money do the World Series champions make?

Players on the winning team for the 2009 World Series each received $365,052.73.

Are the Yankees in the playoffs?

Yes, and not just in the playoffs. 2009 World Series Champions, for their 27th time.

Are the New York Yankees World Champions?

Yes they are. The Yankees just won their 27th World Series Championship in 2009.

Who are the 2 teams that the Phillies beat to reach the World Series?

In 2009, the defending world champions defeated the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers to reach the World Series for the second consecutive year.

Who are the 2009 world soccer champions?


When will Mars be visible in sep 2009?

Mars is visible now.... it is next to the moon, the bright one that doesnt twinkle. Go Yankees 2009 World Series Champions

Who gets a World Series ring?

baseball champions

Which sport has a World Series?

The "World Series" has been played by Major League Baseball since 1903. The World Series is the last round of playoffs, played between the American League champions, and the National League champions.

Who is the best rugby nation in the world?

New Zealand used to be .... South Africa is currently the best in the world. -Currently ranked no 1. in the world -World Champions 1995 and 2007 -Super 14 Champions 2009 -Sevens World Champions 2009 -Currently leading on the Tri-Nations log 2009

Who will in 2009 World Series?

The Yankees will win 2009 World Series

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