World Series baseball champions

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Thge 2009 World Series Champions are the New York Yankees.

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Q: World Series baseball champions
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Who gets a World Series ring?

baseball champions

Why was the first world series in baseball played?

to determine the rightful champions of baseball

Who are the baseball world champions?

The Yankees won the world series this year, and have won the most world series title compared to other U.S. baseball teams.

Who was the 2005 baseball champions?

if you mean World Series Champions, the Chicago White Sox, who defeated the Huston Astros

Which sport has a World Series?

The "World Series" has been played by Major League Baseball since 1903. The World Series is the last round of playoffs, played between the American League champions, and the National League champions.

What is value of chuck tanner signed baseball stating 1979 World Series champions?


Who is Major League Baseball World Series Champion?

The actual mlb world champions are San Francisco Giants.

What is the best baseball team in MLB?

New York Yankees, 27 time world series champions!

What is the World Series of Major League Baseball?

its the championship between the national league and American league champions

How many times has Canada won the World Series in Major League Baseball?

Canada won two World Series. The Toronto Blue Jayswere the 1992 and 1993 champions.

What baseball league has had more World Series champions?

As of the 2010 World Series, American League teams have claimed 62 world championships, while National League clubs have won 43.

Who are the Phillies?

The Phillies are the team for Philadelphia and are the World Series champions.

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