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Q: Which player has the most interceptions against Peyton Manning?
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What is the most interceptions Peyton Manning has thrown to one player in a single game?

he threw 3 at antonio cromartie once. IDK if its the msot though

What college did NFL player Peyton Manning play for?

NFL player Peyton Manning played for Tennessee.

What player has the most NFL MVP's?

Peyton Manning. (4)

How much does NFL player Peyton Manning weigh?

NFL player Peyton Manning weighs 230 pounds.

Was Peyton Manning a Tennessee volunteer football player?

Yes Peyton manning was a Tennesee volunteer

Who is the highest paided nfl player?

Peyton Manning. --- 7yr/ 99million$

Who is the older manning brother?

Cooper Manning is Peyton Manning's older brother, and Eli Maning is Peyton Manning's younger brother. They are all three sons of Archie Manning, a former player in the NFL as well.

Who is best NFL player?

Peyton Manning

Who is the colts star player?

Peyton Manning

Which player did Peyton Manning break the record for throwing 49 touchdown passes?

Peyton manning broke dan marino's record.

Is a player with the last name manning playing?

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning both play football.

Who has been a colts player the longest?

Peyton Manning