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As of the 2008 season, that is Boston College who has won 8 straight bowl games.

Survey says..... X!!!!!!!

Florida State won 11 in a row from 85-95. Florida State lost bowl games in 1987,1989,1991,1994 ,1995 Boston College holds the record w/eight

Um... FSU won 11 in a row from 85-95. The idiot who posted that FSU lost bowl games is just that, an idiot.

1985 FSU 34 - Oklahoma State 23 Gator Bowl

1986 FSU 27 - Indiana 13 All-American Bowl

1987 FSU 31 - Nebraska 28 Fiesta Bowl

1988 FSU 13 - Auburn 7 Sugar Bowl

1989 FSU 41 - Nebraska 17 Fiesta Bowl

1990 FSU 24 - Penn St. 17 Blockbuster Bowl

1991 FSU 10 - Texas A&M 2 Cotton Bowl

1992 FSU 27 - Nebraska 14 Orange Bowl

1993 FSU 18 - Nebraska 16 Orange Bowl *National Champions*

1994 FSU 23 - Florida 17 Sugar Bowl

1995 FSU 31 - Notre Dame 26 Orange Bowl

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Q: Which ncaa Division 1A team has the most consecutive bowl wins in college football?
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va tech

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Is UCA a division one school?

UCA plays in the Southland Conference which competes in Division I college athletics in all sports, except for football, which competes at the Football Bowl Championship (FCS) level. The FCS, is the second highest competitive division of college football to the much more widely known Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

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Florida State at 29 and is the current active leader.

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how many bowl games for division two football

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FCs Simply mean Football Club such as Barcelona FC=Barcelona Football Club.In the Uinted States, the FCS is the Football Championship Subdivision, formerly NCAA Division I-AA. It is the second level of Division I college football. The FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) was formerly Division I-A.

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College bowl games are college football games. The only people that may compete in college bowl football games are the players from each of the college football teams.

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