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The Montreal Canadiens currently lead in this category with 24 Cup wins.

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2010-01-22 19:56:40
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Q: Which NHL hockey team has the most Stanley Cup wins?
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What is the most successful hockey team in Canada?

The Montreal Canadiens, they have the most Stanley Cup wins

What American hockey team has the most Stanley cup wins?

Detriot Red Wings.

What is a Stanley cup?

It is the trophy won by the team who wins the playoffs in the National hockey League.

Who has the most chapionchip in hockey?

The Montreal Canadians, they have far more Stanley Cup wins than any other team. That's because they have 24 Stanley Cup wins. The Leafs and the Red Wings have the 2nd most, with 11.

How do you get your name on the Stanley Cup?

Your name is engraved on the Stanley Cup when the team you play for wins the National Hockey League championship for a season.

What college hockey team has the most wins?


What hockey team won more Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadians won more Stanley Cup victories than any other team with 24 wins.

What is the name of the ice hockey championship award?

When an NHL team wins the championship, the award that is presented to them is known as the Stanley Cup.

Which team has most Stanley cup wins?

The Montreal Canadiens have, at 24 times

What national hockey league team won most wins in a row?


What nhl teams have the most stanley cups?

The currently active National Hockey League team with the most Stanley Cups won is the Montreal Canadians. They currently have 23, and they're followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13. The third place team is the Detroit RedWings, with 11. Also note that one of the Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup wins was pre-NHL, and the Toronto Maple Leafs wins are the wins accumulated in that organization. That counts the team's two previous titles, the Toronto Arenas and the Toronto St Pats.

What is the Super Bowl of hockey?

The Stanley Cup Finals is played by the winner of the Eastern Conference and the winner of the Western Conference. The winner of the seven game series wins the Stanley Cup, the most coveted trophy in hockey.

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