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The Boston Celtics with 17 Championships.

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Q: Which NBA team has won the most premierships?
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Which AFL team has won 10 premierships?

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships

Why is rabbitohs the best nrl team?

Because they won the most premierships

What team has won the most VFL premierships?

As of May 2011, Essendon and Carlton share the honor of having won the most VFL/AFL Premierships with sixteen apiece.

Which team has won the most consecutive Premierships in any sport?

mount cordial soccer team

What team won the most championships in the NBA?

The Boston Celtics won the most NBA championships. They won 17 NBA Titles (

Who has won the most premierships in the WAFL?

East Fremantle with 29 premierships

Which team won more NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Finals and thus the most NBA championships with 17.

Which nrl team won 11 premierships in a row?

St George

What NBA team has won the most games?


Which NBA team won the most titles?

Boston Celtics

Which team has won most nba championships?

the Boston celtics

Which NBA team has won most chammpionships?

Boston 17