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Q: Who has the most professional football championships?
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Most professional football championships?

Terry Bradshaw when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers with 4 championships.

What US city has the most professional football championships?

GreenBay 9 NFL Championships/4 Superbowls. Total 13

What professional sports coach has won the most championships?

Football = Sir Alex Ferguson

What professional football team has won the most national championships in a row?

miami dolphins, 17-0

What team has won the most world championships in professional football?

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL championships ... 4 Super Bowls and 9 championships prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl. The Toronto Argonauts have 11 championships. That is the most for professional football. They are third over all in championships for any sport behind the No 1 New York Yankees, and the second place Montreal Canadians.

What state has the most professional championships?

New York, with I believe 45 between baseball basketball football and hockey

What professional football team won the most championships?

The Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 Super Bowl Championships, have the most. The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers have won 5 each.

Most football championships?


Which player has the most NCAA football championships?

which player won the most BCS championships

Who has the 2nd most ncaa football championships?

Yale - 27 Championships.

Who has won the most professional championships?


Who has won the most national championships in football?

Yale University is the school with the most national championships in football. The school with the most wins in NCAA Division I football is the University of Michigan.

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