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Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots - four

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Q: Which NFL coach has the most Super Bowl wins?
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Most Super Bowl wins by coach?

Chuck Noll-Pittsburg Steelers 4 wins

Which coach has the most Super Bowl bowl wins and for what team?

Chuck Noll won the most Super Bowls as a head coach with four. They were all with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Which NFL coach has the most wins but has not been to a Super Bowl?

don shula

Which coach has the most Super Bowls wins?

Chuck Noll has 4 Super Bowl wins with the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl IX, X, XII and XIV)

Who has the most Super Bowl wins as head coach?

Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl wins?

Who has most Super Bowl wins

Who was the coach that won five Super Bowls with the 49ers?

Bill Walsh was the head coach for the Super Bowl XVI, XIX, and XVIII wins and George Seifert was the head coach for the Super Bowl XXIV and XXIX wins.

What nfl team has most super bowl wins?

The steelers have the most super wins they have six super bowl wins.

What NFL Coach has the most NFL victories without ever winnning a Super Bowl?

The coach that coached entirely during the Super Bowl era who has the most wins without winning a Super Bowl is Marty Schottenheimer with 200 between 1984-2006.

Which pro football coach has Super Bowl wins with more than one team?

As of Super Bowl XLII, no coach has coached two different teams to Super Bowl victories.

Who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers to 3 Super Bowl wins in the 1970s?

It was four Super Bowl wins (although the final Super Bowl won was played in 1980) and the coach was Chuck Noll.

What coach has the most bowl wins?

joe paterno

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