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* The 1964 Winter Olympics, were held in Innsbruck, Austria * The 1964 Summer Olympics, were held in Tokyo, Japan

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2009-02-09 00:02:32
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Q: Where was 1964 olympic held?
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Has Japan held any Olympic games?

Yes, in 1964.

Where did summer Olympics 1964 take place?

The summer Olympic games of 1964 were held in Tokyo !

When were the 1966 Olympics?

In 1966. But there were not Olympic Games in 1966. (They were held in either 1964 or 1968.)

What city on the island of Honshu hosted the Olympics in 1964?

The 1964 Olympic Games were held in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is on the island Honshu

Which country held the olympic games in 1964?

Summer: Tokyo, Japan. Winter: Innsbruck, Austria.

What year did Olympic Games held in Japan?

1964(summer olympics)1972(winter olympics)

What was the first Asian country to host the Olympics?

1940 summer Olympic games held in Tokyo, Japan. Cancelled due to WWII 1940 winter Olympic games held in Sapparo Japan. Cancelled due to WWII 1964 summer Olympic games held in Tokyo, Japan. 1972 winter Olympic games held in Sapparo, Japan.

Have the Olympic games ever been held in Austria Switzerland or Liechtenstein?

Yes, both the 1964 Winter Olympics and the 1976 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck in Austria. The 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics were in St. Moritz in Switzerland.Liechtenstein has never held an Olympic games.

Where was the 1956 Olympic games held?

the Olympic games were held in Melbourne Australia

Was Olympic held in India?

No, the Olympic Games have never been held in India.

Where were the 1992 Olympic games held?

The Olympic summer games were held in Barcelona.

Why were the Olympic games held in ancient?

the olympic games were held for the God Zues.

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