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The Red Sox play their home games in Fenway Park.

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Q: Where do the Boston Red Sox play their home games?
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What is the name of the Boston red soxs field?

The Boston Red Sox play their home games at Fenway Park.

What stadium do the Red Sox play in?

The Red Sox have played their home games in Fenway Park in Boston since 1912.

How many Red Sox games are played at home?

The Boston Red Sox and all Major League teams play a 162 game schedule. 81 games at home and 81 games on the road.

How many games did Babe Ruth play on the Boston Red Soxs?

Babe Ruth played in 4 games with the Red Sox in 1914, 32 games in 1915 with Boston, 44 games in 1916 with Boston, 41 games in 1917 with Boston, 20 games in 1918 with Boston and 17 games in 1918 and 17 games in 1919, also with the Boston Red Sox. With his career while with the Boston Red Sox, he played in 158 career games with them.

What team plays their home games at fenway park?

The Boston Red Sox.

What division did the Boston Red Sox play in 2001?

With the home attendance of 2,625,333 in 2001, the Boston Red Soxplayed in theAl East Division.

Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear red jerseys?

The Red Sox usually wear their red jerseys when they play afternoon games during Sunday games

What state do the Boston Red Sox play for?

The Boston Red Sox play in Massachusetts. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.

How many home games do the Red Sox play?

The Red Sox, and all major league teams, play 82 home games and 82 road games for a 164 game schedule.

What baseball teams play home games in coastal cities Atlanta Braves Boston Red Sox San Diego Padres Chicago Cubs?

not sure

How many consecutive home games have the Boston Red Sox sold out?

In 1972 the Red Sox went %02 home games in a row, and then they lost it. But Now it's 2,953

What state does the Boston Red Sox play in?

the Boston Red Sox play in Massachusets, USA

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