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Click on the 'Stanley Cup Champions' link below to see a list of champions, who they beat to win the championship, and the date/year they won the championship. The article is brought to you by

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Q: Where can you find a chronological list of all NHL champions?
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When was the NHL first formed?

1917, but the Stanley cup has been around since 1892 but wasn't officially given to the NHL until 1926 for the champions. It had been used in different amateur leagues in Canada as a trophy before then.

What NHL team was the first team to win the Stanley cup?

The NHL was formed in 1917 and played its first season in 1917/18. The winner of the Stanley Cup was the Toronto team simply known as the Arenas. Two things should be noted here: 1. The Cup was not solely an NHL trophy at that time.The NHL champions, the Toronto team, actually had to win against a team from Vancouver which was not a member of the NHL. 2. The Montreal Canadiens actually won the Cup in 1916 before the NHL was founded so they are not considered to be the first NHL team to win the Cup.

Who was the first hocky team in the NHL to win the Stanley cup?

The Montreal Canadians won the Cup in 1916 but they were not a member of the NHL as the league wasn't founded until the 1917/18 season. The first NHL champions were the Toronto team known as the Arenas. Since the Cup wasn't sole property of the NHL at that time, the Toronto team actually had to beat a team from Vancouver to claim the Stanley Cup.

List of black nhl hockey players?

A photo gallery with stats for evey black player who has been drafted by or played in the NHL is the Black Hockey Players Wall of Fame.

Name of hockey players of present time?

Too many to list here, even if you are just talking about the NHL. For complete NHL rosters, go to or the Hockey News website.

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Who are the current hockey world champions?

Chicago Blackhawks in NHL Canada in Olympics

List of all NHL teams?


What records does Wayne gretzky hold?

Wayne Gretzky holds a multitude of NHL records, too many to list here. I would suggest that you simply Google "Gretzky's NHL Records" and you will find a complete list of the Great One's records.

What is the name of the cup the winning will receive?

Assuming you are referring to the NHL champions, they are awarded the Stanley Cup.

What is the name of the trophie awarded to the NHL champions each year?

The trophie is called the Stanley Cup.

Can you send a CHL player to the NHL or AHL in the wii game NHL Slapshot and if so how?

you can. You need to find the player you want to move. Then move them to the free agents list. Go to the NHL/AHL rosters and move your player to the team he's on

Who will win the NHL Stanley Cup in 2013?

2012-2013 Stanley Cup Champions were the Chicago Blackhawks

List of french last names in NHL?


When will the NHL schedule be released?

The schedule is already out to the public. If you need to find it you can find it on the NHL website.

What is the salary list from when they started making money to now in the NHL?

I don't know if it is possible to find salary lists since the NHL started way back in 1917. However, for modern salary lists I suggest you check a good hockey website like that of the Hockey News, the NHL , or that of the NHL Players Association.

Who won the 2007 National Hockey League Championshimp?

The NHL Stanley Cup Champions in 2007 were the Anaheim Ducks.

What teams make the playoffs in the nhl?

To make the nhl playoffs you have to be the top team in your division or in the top 5 teams in your conference besides the division champions. 8 teams are taken from each conference.

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