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The Ottawa Senators last Stanley Cup win was in 1927.

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Q: When did the Ottawa Senators last win the cup?
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Will the Ottawa Senators win a Stanley cup?


How many games did the Ottawa senators win?

the Ottawa senators won the Stanley cup 7 times and were given the name Ottawa senators in 1992

When did the Ottawa Senators win their first Stanley Cup?

The Ottawa Hockey Club (nicknamed the Senators) first won the Stanley Cup in 1903 when it was a challenge cup.The current version of the Ottawa Senators has not won the Stanley Cup.

Did Ottawa win the stanley cup last year?

No, no they did not.

Who won the Stanley Cup in 1921?

The Ottawa Senators defeated the Vancouver Millionaires, 3 games to 2, to win the 1921 Stanley Cup.

Did the Ottawa Rough Riders win the Grey Cup last year?

its not the Ottawa Rough Riders its the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and they won the cup in 2007-2008

How may games did the Ottawa Senators win?

So far, the Ottawa Senators have one 6 games in the 2013-14 season.

Who will win the gray cup?

Ottawa, eventually.

Who was the first team to capture the Stanley Cup in 1926-27 after the WHL folded?

The Ottawa Senators beat the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup in the 1926-27 season

When did Ottawa senators win the stanley cup?

The current version of the Senators have not won the Cup since they re-entered the NHL in 1992/93, although they made the finals in 06/07, losing to the Anaheim Ducks. The old original Senators won the Cup 4 times, in 1920, 1921, 1923 and 1927. Also, before the NHL was formed and the Cup was a challenge trophy, the Senators won it three times and four more times when they were named the Ottawa Silver Seven.

What month did the 2007 Stanley cup end?

The final game of the 2007 NHL playoffs was June 6 when the Anaheim Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators, 6-2, to win the Stanley Cup.

Who was the first nhl team to win a Stanley?

1926-27 Ottawa Senators

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