When did tennis come to Britain?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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About 1457

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Q: When did tennis come to Britain?
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Who represents Britain in tennis?

in the open: Andy Murray

What country did table tennis start?

Britain, Cropford to be exact.

Who was a great Britain table tennis player?

chester barns

Who is the most popular women tennis player for great Britain?

There are not many notable tennis players from Great Britain, especially on the women's side. But the most popular, in my opinion, has to be Dorothea Douglass Chambers.

Who is great Britain's number 1 tennis player?

Andy Murray

What sports do they have in Great Britain?

Rugby, Cricket, Soccer (Football) and Tennis

What are some colors Tennis balls come in?

tennis balls usually come in the colour of bright yellow. it's basically the usual color tennis balls are seen as.

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When did Celts come to Britain

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