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Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig's hit record on September 11, 2009, becoming the New York Yankees all-time hit leader.

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Q: When did Derek Jeter break Lou Gehrig's hit record?
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When will Derek Jeter be back from injury in 2013?

Derek Jeter is expected back in July, after the All-Star break.

When is Derek Jeter coming back in 2013?

Derek Jeter is expected to come back following the 2013 All-Star break.

Did Derek Jeter break up with Minka Kelly?


Why did Derek Jeter break up with girlfriend?

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How many hits does Derek Jeter need to break Lou Gehrig's hit record at Yankee Stadium?

During the broadcast during the NYY/LAA game on 8/9/08, it was discussed that Derek Jeter only needed 27 hits over his final 19 games at The Stadium to break Gehrig's record. Since then, Jeter had 3 hits on 8/15, 2 hits on 8/16, and went 4-for4 today (8/17). Again, if the info I heard is correct, Jeter should only need 18 more hits over the remaining 16 home games to become the all-time hits record holder in Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig's hit record at the stadium on September 16, 2008. He now owns the record, that stands at 1,274 hits.

On what day did Derek Jeter break Lou gherigs hits?

On September 11, 2009.

When did Derek Jeter break the New York Yankees all time hit record?

1996 Derek Jeter has won five World Series (all with the Yankees); 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009. For his accomplishments in the 2000 World Series (.409 batting average, 9 hits, 2 home runs) he was awarded the World Series MVP. Jeter also went the World Series in 2001 and 2003 with the Yankees but lost in them both.

Did Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly break up?

Yes, it has just been reported that the two have split up.

Did Derek Jeter break Hank Aaron's home run record?

First of all, Aaron holds no home run records -- Barry Bonds hold the record for most homers in both a season and a career. Secondly, Jeter didn't come close to either -- he hit 260 home runs in his entire career, and never more than 24 in a season.

Why didn't Derek Jeter play in the 2011 All-Star game?

He didn't play because both the Yankees and Derek thought the time during the All-Star break was better suited for Derek to get some much needed rest and to get healthy for the remainder of the season. Sports Media 101

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The actress is Minka Kelly. She is best known for her role in the TV show Friday Night Lights and as NY Yankees Captain Derek Jeter's current girlfriend.

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