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In 1946

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2010-02-05 18:12:27
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Q: What year did joe Bryant play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
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What year did Earl Lloyd play for the 76ers?

Earl was drafted in 1950 and player for the 76ers in 1963 was when he moved to Philadelphia to play for the 76ers.

What year did philadelphia 76ers win the nba championship?


What year did the Philadelphia warriors become the 76ers?

about 1950's to 1960's

Which basketball team is named after the declaration of independent?

The Philadelphia '76ers. Named for the year 1776.

Which nba star won rookie of the year in 1997?

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers won Rookie of the year, in 1997.

What position did charles barkley play?

Charles Barkley was a dominant power forward. He played from the Philadelphia 76ers, the Phoenix Suns, and the Houston Rockets during his 16 year career.

Who won the first Sixth Man of the Year Award?

1982-1983 Bobby Jones Philadelphia 76ers

What year did Magic Johnson win his first NBA Championship?

79-80 against the philadelphia 76ers

What year did Allen Iverson join the nuggets?

On December 19, 2006, Allen Iverson was sent to the Denver nuggets by a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Is Allen Iverson on nba 2k11?

Yes, he is in 2k11. Locate him in the free agency pool. He is placed there because of a 1-year deal with Philadelphia 76ers

Who has the least wins in an NBA season?

The fewest wins in an NBA season is 9 by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers. Their record that year was 9-73.

Where does the 'sixers' in Philadelphia sixers name come from?

It is the Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers for short) in reference to the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall in order to obtain independence for the colonies from Great Britain.

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