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Major LeagueBaseball was first played on the West coast in 1958 by the Los Angeles Dodgers (who moved from Brooklyn) and the San Francisco Giants (who moved from New York City).

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los angeles dodgers

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Q: What was the first California Major League Baseball team?
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When did baseball become known as Major League Baseball?

The first major league in baseball was the National Association whose first year was 1871.

What is the first integrated sport?

Baseball. California Winter League.

What is the Oldest baseball team in major league?

The Cincinnati Reds, is recognized as the first "professional" baseball team.

Was Jackie Robinson the first African American to play major league baseball or was he merely the first to sign a major league contract?

first to play

How long has the Major League Baseball been held?

The first major league, the National Association, started in 1871. The National League's first year was 1876 and the American League's first year was 1901.

The first Major League Baseball team?

Michael lohman

Can Major League Baseball players slide at first?


Who was the first black Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson

When what was the first Major League Baseball team?

Chicago Cubs

What is the reason the American League in Major League Baseball is referred to as the Junior Circuit?

Because the National League has been in existence longer than the American League ... the National League's first season as a major league was 1876 and the American League's first season as a major league was 1901.

What did Jackie Robinson make history for?

Jackie Robinson was a Major League Baseball player who played 2nd base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He is famous because in April of 1947, he broke baseball's color barrier by becoming the first ever African American to play in a Major League Baseball game for a Major League Baseball team.

Who was the first Latin baseball player?

The first latin major league baseball player was Louis Castro.