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The first major league, the National Association, started in 1871. The National League's first year was 1876 and the American League's first year was 1901.

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Q: How long has the Major League Baseball been held?
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How long has baseball been invented?

Major league baseball was founded in 1869 and the most titles are held by the New York Yankees. The colleges used to play baseball but it was not official and the rules have been changed since then.

What is draft date of major league baseball 2009?

The 2009 Amateur Baseball Draft will be held on June 9th and 10th.

Where is the Major league soccer is the professional soccer league held?

Major league soccer is played in the U.S.A.

What are the baseball major league pennnant winners in 1901?

For the American League the pennant winners were the Chicago Whitesox. (This was the first year the AL was elevated to Major League level. For the National League the pennant winners were the Pittsburg Pirates. No World Series was held this year.

Is major league soccer the professional soccer league held in America?

yes it is you are correct.

Who holds the longest baseball career?

The Major League Record is held by Nolan Ryan with 27 years in the Major Leagues. Tommy John had 26 year in the Majors.

Where is the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star game being held?

The 2012 MLB All-Star Game will be held in Kansas City on Tuesday, July 10th.

What is the longest hitting streak in Major League Baseball?

The longest hitting streak in baseball is held by Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees, 56 straight games.

What is the Major League Baseball home run record?

The MLB home run record is held by Barry Bonds with 762 home runs.

What other major league baseball players wore number 42?

In Major League baseball, the players that have worn #42 were Jackie Robinson, Dodgers and Bruce Sutter, Cardinals. The number '42' has been retired. St. Louis Cardinals, #42: retired in 1997 by all teams in MLB for Jackie Robinson; ceremony to honor #42 for Bruce Sutter was held in 2006.

How many black general managers are there in the MLB?

There have only been five African American General Managers in Major League Baseball. There are currently zero African American GMs in Major League Baseball. In 1994, former big leaguer Bob Watson, took over the reigns as GM of the Houston Astros, the first time an African American had held that position.

Which major league baseball team has been shutout the most this season?

The Braves and White Sox have each been shut out 9 times so far in 2009. The record for any season since 1954 is held by the 1963 Mets, who were shut out 30 times.

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