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1 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

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Q: What time do NFL football games start on Sunday?
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What time do NFL football games start on Sunday in Arizona?

1 or 2 o'clock

What time do the Sunday elite eight games start?

8 o'clock

Who determines the start time of college football games?

The Pirates

This month will be your first time taking the pill you know to start the first Sunday after you start but what do you do if you start on Sunday?

If your period starts on sunday, you can start the pill that day.

What time on Sunday do the football rankings come out?

6:00pm eastern time

Is Sunday a weekend for playing video games?

No, Sunday is a time for rest

What time do high school football games start?

Traditionally high school football games start at 6:30 or 7:00 every Friday. However each high school is subject to different game times

How long is half time soccer?

It depends on if your playing pro football or not! In Sunday league based games they can vary. But in an official match ... 15 MINS ...

What time did the football game start between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday January 18 2009?

6:40 P.M EST.

What is the scheduled start time for playoff football games?

AFC championship game is 6:30 P.M EST

Why does the NFL play games on Sunday?

Weekends are a good time for games because most fans are off work and can attend. College football games are generally on Saturday, so the NFL plays on Sunday in order to avoid competition for viewers. After the college season is over, the NFL schedules some games on Saturdays.

What time on Sunday do the college football rankings come out?

The college football rankings come out at 9:00PM Eastern Time, December 1.

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