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Some team in Romania, 103 I think

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2012-09-14 02:52:52
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Q: What team has the longest undefeated streak in world soccer?
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What country had the longest losing streak in soccer world cup?

its not soccer its football

What is the longest undefeated streak in sports history?

JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ holds records for most successful defenses of world titles (27) and most title fights (37). Chávez also holds the record for the longest undefeated streak in boxing history. His record was 90-0-1 going into his first loss to Frankie Randall.

What is The St. Louis Cardinal's longest streak of not winning the World Series?

Their longest streak of not winning the World Series is 24 years, from 1982 to 2006.

What is the New York Yankees longest World Series winning streak?

The Yankees longest World Series winning streak is five years. They were the champions from 1949-1953.

Who has the longest college baseball winning streak?

FLorida Atlantic. 34 wins 1999 Texas. 34 wins 1977 The longest all division NCAA winning streak for a pitcher is 37, accomplished by Rowan University's Josh Schwartz. His streak was never snapped, he simply graduated after winning his final 6 decisions as a freshman and then going undefeated the rest of his career. Rowan did compete in two college world series over this span.

What is the longest World Series futility streak other than the 100 year Cub streak?

As of the 2007 World Series, the second longest draught belongs to the Cleveland Indians who last won the World Series in 1948.

Who hold them world record for the longest winning streak on jeopardy?

ken jennings

Who has the longest cricket world cup win streak?

Its Australia with 31. Its the longest ever and it is still going at the moment during the 2011 world cup.

How long was the longest women's world cup soccer game?

the longest world cup game was 45 minutes

Who has the longest winning streak in BOYS high school basketball?

The longest current streak belongs to Fredericton Highschool JV boys. They were undeafeated for 4seasons and wins of 137. I heard the world record was 158 wins

Baseball longest losing streak to win a World Series?

The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908.

What is the longest afl winning streak?

Australian rules football is one of the most brutal but interesting forms of football in the world. As of 2014, the team with the longest winning streak are Brisbane and Essendon both of whom have 20 wins.

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