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The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908.

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2009-11-12 16:05:25
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Q: What national league team has the longest streak of not winning the World Series?
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What American League team has the longest streak of not winning the World Series?

The Cleveland Indians last won the world series in 1948

What team has the longest World Series draught?

National League: Chicago Cubs, last World Series in 1945. American League: Cleveland Indians, last World Series in 1954.

Were the Yankees the winning team of the American League or the National League?

American League

What is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball's American league?

The 2002 Oakland Athletics hold the record for the longest Major League Baseball (MLB) winning streak by an American League (AL) team with 20 consecutive wins.

Who won the World Series in 2008 for the National League?

The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series for the National League in 2008.

What is the World Series stats?

American League 61 National League 43The American League won 61 World Series titles, and the National League won 43.

What is the national league championship series?

The National League Championship Series is the Game against the winner of the two final playoff teams of the national league. Usually the Wild Card team plays the East and the Central Divivsion team plays the West. The winner of each of those games will play in the National League Championship Series. The winner of the National League Championship Series goes on to play in the World Series!

Who did atlanta play in the 1995 series?

The Atlanta Braves of the National League played the American League's Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series, the Atlanta Braves defeated the Cleveland Indians by winning four games out of the six games that were played.

How many World Series have the National League won?

The National League won 42 out of 103 World Series played, the American League won 61.

Longest national league game by inning?

26 innings

Which team was the National League Champion in 1941?

The Brooklyn Dodgers were the National League champs posing a 100 - 54 record .649 winning percentage. The Dodgers lost to the New York Yankees 4 games to 1 in the World Series.

Where is the first game of the 2010 MLB World Series?

Game 1 of the 2010 World Series will be held in San Francisco due to the National League winning the 2010 All-Star game.

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