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Q: What rangers player scored the most goals against Celtic and how many was it?
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What Celtic player scored the most goals against rangers?

Johnny Doyle. He was electric.

How many goals have rangers scored against Celtic in history?


How many goals has Kris Boyd scored for rangers against Celtic?

he has scored 1 but he should improve

Name10 Celtic players who played in Germany and scored against rangers?

LuboMcleodramborisethbrian oneillamberthinkelthomgravesonmcghee

Celtic players that have scored against rangers and played in France?

Maurice Johnston, John Collins

How many goals has Kris Boyd scored against Celtic - both for Rangers and Kilmarnock?


Who has scored the most goals for Celtic in games against Glasgow Rangers?

Jimmy McGrory with 395 Goals in 378 appearances.

What is the rangers and Celtic score today?

1-0 maurice edu scored for rangers

Who scored the last hat trick for Celtic against rangers?

harry hood in the league cup semi final season 73/74.

Who was last Celtic player to score a hatrick against Rangers?

Andy Gillings last scored a hatrick for Celtic in 1974 but it was later confirmed that he had an extreme addiction to anabolic steroids and regularly had Nappers for tea. For this his stature as Celtics chunkiest player and top own goal scorer was destroyed from all records

Name 5 black rangers players that have scored against Celtic?

mark walters rod Wallace ugo ehiogu Daniel cousin maurice edu

Which player scored the most goals against Rangers whilst Graeme Souness was in charge?

There was certainly one season in which Terry Butcher was the top scorer against Rangers - and he played for them.

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