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yes because it is considered a down.

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Q: When the quarterback take a knee in football does it take time off theclock?
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What is ethical in football?

they take a knee when someone is hurt. The linemen work really hard for no reason other than to protect the quarterback and running back.

What does centering in football mean?

In American football, that is when the quarterback is directly behind the center with his hands in position to take the snap.

What does under center mean in football?

In American football, that is when the quarterback is directly behind the center with his hands in position to take the snap.

Is quarterback a pronoun?

No, the word 'quarterback' is a noun, a word for a player on a football team, a word for a person.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronouns that take the place of the noun 'quarterback' are he or she as a subject, and him or her as an object.Example: The quarterback is number seventeen. He is my brother.

Who was the first football team to take a knee to end the game?

Minnesota Vikings vs bears in Chicago

John has severely damaged his knee during football practice He is told that he has a torn knee cartilage and expect that recovery and repair will take a long time Why will it take a long time?

it has no direct blood supply that cause a slow healing rate^^

What president was a professional football player?

Gerald Ford was a star college football player and had offers to play pro football but did not take them. No other president was close to professional caliber. ( Pro quarterback Jack Kemp ran for vice-president but did not win.)

Why does a football fly the way it does?

A football oblique shape alllows it to spin through the air, the quarterback puts a spin on the ball with his fingers when he throws it. The best spirals are tightly spinning and take much experince to master

How long does it take for your knee to straighten after total knee replacement?


Why can one not simply take an arrow in the knee?

The gaurds Already took in All the arrows in the Knee >--KNEE-->

How long does it take to perform knee revision surgery?

Most knee revision operations take about three hours to perform and are similar to knee replacement procedures.

Can squats take way knee pain?

Yes, squats can help take away knee pains but not immediately.

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