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It was wigan

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Q: What premier league club has the worst away attendance in the premier league?
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Who did man uniteds highest ever away attendance come against in the league?

Since the Premier League began, the highest away attendence for United came against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. 60,161 attended the game.

How many league games does a premier league club play in one season?

38 - there are 20 teams in the premier league and they play each team home and away

How many teams have never won a premier league away game?


How many points do you get for a win and a draw in the Premier League?

In the Premier League you get ;3 Points for a Win (Away Game)1 Point for a DrawBut if its an Home game its 2 Points

How many games in the premier league?

38 19 home games 19 away games

In what game did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 31st goal of the premier league season?

Away at Wigan Athletic

Was there any year when the England premier league trophy presentation held on an away ground of the champions?


How many rounds in English premier league season?

38 games. They play 19 at home and 19 away

Where could one access the best Premier league football picks for free?

Someone could access the best Premier league football picks for free on different online retailers to look at the specifications of it, but they are not given away free.

How many games will Manchester united play in the premium league?

each premier league team plays every other team home and away => they play 38 games in the league

How many games are played in the Barclay's premier league per season?

the premier league has 20 team which must play against each other twice (home and away) so the total number of games per season is 38

What premier league team has scored the fastest goal in any match?

If you're talking Premier League matches, it's Tottenham, for whom Ledley King scored in 10.0 seconds away to Bradford. The year escapes me, but I think it was in 2000.

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