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American League

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2009-11-06 22:14:39
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Q: Were the Yankees the winning team of the American League or the National League?
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Are the yankees in the american or national league?

The New York Yankees are in the American League.

Do the Yankees for the national league or the American league?


Who hold the record for most World Series win the National league or American League?

Yankees American League

What player for the yankees' player won the national league batting championship in the 2005 season?

No Yankees player has ever won the National League batting championship as the Yankees play in the American League.

Has Boston ever won season series vs Yankees?

No. The Boston Red Sox are an American League team as are the Yankees. The World Series is played between the American League, and the National League.

How many American League pennants did Mickey Mantle win?

Mickey Mantle was part of 12 American League pennant winning teams while playing for the Yankees.

Can Yankees play Red Sox in World Series?

No. The World Series is played between the American League pennant winner, and the National League pennant winner. The Red Sox and Yankees are in the same League (American)

Which two Major League Baseball teams are in new york?

the Yankees (American league east) and the Mets (national league east)

Which league uses a designated hitter?

The American League uses a designated hitter. Some exceptions: If an American League team plays at a National League Park (Yankees play at Shea Stadium or the new Citi Field against the Mets) then the American League team can't use a Designated Hitter. If a National League team plays at an American League Park (Mets play at Yankees Stadium) then the National League team is allowed to use a designated hitter.

Did Derek Jeter play in the National League?

No, he did not. Derek Jeter has always played for the New York Yankees, which is an American League team.

Which league has won the most World Series wins?

As of 2010 The National Leagues Giants won the last WS) the American League won 62 World Series titles. The National League won 44 World Series titles, though the Yankees have 27 of those American league wins if you were to subtract the Yankees(A power house team since forever who by chance happens to be an American league team) 27 wins the National League would have 8 more World Series wins than the American league.

Did Boston redsox ever played in a world series against the Yankees?

Red Sox and Yankees are in the same league (American) and so they can not meet in the World Series since the World Series is played between the winners of the American League and National League of the Major Baseball League

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