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Q: What is the name of the NBA team that holds the longest streak of consecutive championships in US professional sports history with eight consecutive wins from 1959 to 1966?
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What is the most NBA Championships an NBA team has won in a row?

The Boston Celtics' streak of 8 consecutive NBA championships is the longest streak of consecutive championships in U.S. professional sports history

How many championships have the Boston Celtics won in a row?

After center Bill Russell joined the Celtics in 1956, the team became a dominant dynasty, winning 11 NBA titles in 13 seasons between 1957 and 1969. They won eight consecutive NBA championships from 1959 to 1966. It remains the longest streak of consecutive championships in U.S. professional sports history.

How did Tiger Woods become famous?

He won three consecutive US Amateur Championships, he has 92 professional victories including 14 majors, he is also world number one and has spent the longest time as number one.

What's the longest win streak in MLB history?

The Oakland As 20 consecutive wins 2002

What element has the longest consecutive string of consonants in it?

The element with the longest consecutive string of consonants in its name is "molybdenum," which has 8 consecutive consonants in a row (LYBDNM).

What team had the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The 07-08 Houston Rockets with 22 consecutive wins.

Who are the five baseball players who played the most consecutive games and how many consecutive games each player played?

Check out the 'Consecutive Games Played Streaks' link on this page to see the 15 longest consecutive games played streaks in MLB history.

What Professional NFL Football team has the longest history of football?

Chicago Bears. Second is Pittsburgh

Who has the longest NCAA win streak?

Penn State Ladies Volleyball team currently hold the record with 101 consecutive games including 2 National Championships. At this time, this record has not been broken.

What are the longest tennis matches at US Open?

The longest match on record in the history of the U.S. Championships was on Sept. 12, 1992, in the men's singles semifinals between Stefan Edberg and Michael Chang, which took five hours and 26 minutes.

Which high school swim team has the longest championship streak?

Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington. 1960 to 1985, 25 consecutive State Championships (25 years of undefeated competition in 320+ meets).

What NFL team has the longest current consecutive home sellout streak?

Posted: June 17, 2009 Today the Boston Red Sox will become the fourth team in American professional sports history to achieve the 500 consecutive game sell-out streak. Only three teams have achieved more. They were all NBA teams that play shorter seasons in smaller venues. Portland Trailblazers - 814 Games Boston Celtics - 662 Chicago Bulls - 567 Games