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Q: What is the average batting average for a 10U player?
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What is the average 10u AAU softball pitching speed?


Who is or was hertfordshire's best 10U girl tennis player?

Joanna Garland by far

What is jennie finchs batting average?

Jennie Finch, a former professional softball player, had a career batting average of .278.

How does a batting average measure a player's performance?

how does a batting average measure a picther performance

Where is nationals in 2012 for 10u softball?

Nationals for 10u 2012 Fastpitch Softball is in Bloomington, Indiana

Does speed of players effect the batting average of baseball teams?

It can because players will beat out infield grounders for singles which will raise the player's batting average and, in turn, raise the team's batting average.

What is the batting average of 24 hits out of 75 times at bat?

.320 ... to determine a player's batting average, divide the number of at bats into the number of hits.

Do batting averages change on every at bat?

Yes. A players batting average changes with every at bat unless the player has an average of .000 and does not get a hit, or a 1.000 average and gets a hit.

What is the batting average of a player who has eight hits out of 40 trips to the plate?

8 hits out of 40 would be a batting average of 8/40=.2 or 200.

When was the last time an MLB player had a season batter had a batting average of 350 or better?

2010 - Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers a batting average of .359

The last Red Sox player to have a 400 batting average?

Ted Williams

What infield player has the highest batting average in Chicago Cubs history?

Riggs Stephenson and Bill Madlock are tied for the Cubs career batting average leader with .336.