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Q: What is the all-time LSU vs SEC record in football?
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What SEC football team has the Most wins since 2000?


Which ncca football team in sec as the best winning percentage?

alabama, lsu

What is Alabama's football record against the other SEC schools?

university of Alabama's football record against the other sec schools

What is the win loss record for LSU vs UGA football games from 1990 to 2010?

Georgia with 6 wins and LSU with 4 wins. Georgia won in the 1991, 1998, 1999, 2004, and 2008 regular season and the 2005 SEC Championship Game. LSU won in the 1990, 2003, and 2009 regular season and the 2003 SEC Championship Game.

What teams are in the sec west?

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi, and Mississippi State are the teams in the college football sec west division.

The 2003 national championship for college football was shared between the usctrojans and which team from the sec?

LSU Tigers

What division does LSU belong to?

LSU is in the western division of the SEC.

Is LSU in the same football division as UF?

LSU and the University of Florida(UF) are both in the South Eastern Conference(SEC). However they play in different divisions of the SEC. LSU in the SEC west and Florida in the SEC east. The two teams do face each other every football season due to the SECs unique inter-divisional rivalry plan which pits each team against the same team from the opposite division every year.

Last tie game in sec football?

South Carolina 20 LSU 20 September 30, 1995

What is the all time record of Ohio State vs the SEC conference football teams?

Ohio State is 8-11-1 all time against SEC teams, gaining their first bowl victory over an SEC team this year (2011) against Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. They've defeated Kentucky and Vanderbilt three times each, and LSU once, and tied LSU once.

What is WV football record against the sec?


What is USC's football record against the SEC?


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