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The Lions won on Thanksgiving in 2000 (Patriots) and 2003 (Packers).

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Q: What is the Detroit Lions record on Thanksgiving from 2000 to 2009?
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When did the Detroit Lions last win a thanksgiving classic?

2000 vs pats

How many games did the Detroit Lions win in 2000?

The 2000 Detroit Lions had a 9-and-7 record. It was their last winning season until they went 10-and-6 in 2011 and made the playoffs.

Who was the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2000?

Gary Moeller was the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2000.

Who has a better record since 2000 the Detroit Lions or the Oakland Raiders?

Raiders 60 win 48 losses Lions 32 wins 76 losses

Who was the Detroit Lions coach in 1999?

Bobby Ross.Ross was head coach of the Lions between 1997 and Week 9 of the 2000 season when he resigned. His career record with the Lions was 27-30.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions had a winning record?

In 2000 they went 9-7. In 1999 they went 8-8 and made the playoffs.

Detroit Lions have lost 19 straight in green bay is this a record?

no. the lions are an okay team...until 2000. they would really have to soak to lose to a team 19 times in a row.

Who was the coach of the Detroit Lions in 2000?

Bobby Ross started the 2000 season as head coach but was replaced after nine games by Gary Moeller. Ross' record was 5-4 and Moeller's record was 4-3.

What year was Detroit Lions last winning season?

Detroit Lions last winning season was in 2000, where they went 9-7.

Last time Detroit Lions won 9 games?

The last season in which the Detroit Lions have won 9 games was the 2000 season.

Which NFL team has lost the most games since 2000?

Detroit Lions

Is there a Detroit Lions tackle that played between 2000-2001 named jaheed Daniels?

I checked the roster for every Lion taht ever played a game and there was no record of a Jaheed Daniels.

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