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It depends on where the game is played. If it's a Cowboys home game, the team usually wears its traditional white jerseys. If it's a road game, it depends on whether the home team wears white or not.

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Q: What do the Dallas Cowboys wear for playoff games?
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What number did emmitt smith wear when he played for the Dallas Cowboys?

22 was his number

Did Craig Morton ever wear number 5?

Not in the NFL regular season. He wore #14 for the Dallas Cowboys, #15 for the New York Giants, and #7 for the Denver Broncos. Did Craig Morton wear the number 5 during the 1977 preseason for the Broncos

Who invented the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys as we know them today were pretty much invented by Tex Schramm, the team's first president and general manager. For instance, it was Schramm's idea for the Cowboys to wear white jerseys at home so that opposing teams would wear the uniforms that fans were used to seeing on television. Schramm also dropped the Cowboys' original white helmets and double-star jerseys in favor of a color scheme he believed looked cool on television. He was correct in his instincts. The Cowboys' blue metallic helmets have become iconic in the National Football League. Schramm also is credited with turning the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders into a world-renowned group with a fan following of its own. In the early 1970s, he came up with the idea of a sidelines squad that combined the pizzazz of Las Vegas showgirls with girl-next-door wholesomeness. The result caused a sensation throughout the league and the creation of other cheerleading groups that were more like dance teams.

Which Packer Player played in 4 super bowls but refused the wear the Super Bowl ring of the other team he won a ring with?

CB Herb Adderley ... Herb won with the Packers in Super Bowls I and II and with the Cowboys in Super Bowl VI. He was quoted in the book Instant Replay stating "I'm the only man with a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring who doesn't wear it. I'm a Green Bay Packer.".

Who are the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders-2010-2011?

Here's a breakdown of the 26 veterans and eight rookies who will wear the familar star-spangled Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform during the Dallas Cowboys' 2010 season:Sixth Year (1)Trisha TrevinoFifth Year (2)Tobie PercivalBrooke SorensonFourth Year (4)Meredith OdenMeagan SharpAlly TraylorTia WilliamsThird Year (11)Jordan BaumJordan ChanleySydney DursoBrittany EvansKaitlin IlsengWhitney IsleibMelissa KellermanMichelle KeysKelsi ReichCassie TrammellCrystal TrevinoSecond Year (8)Evan AndersonJacqueline BobSunni CranfillCarey DePasqualeMia GreenhouseJoannah LiadMeagan McVayAshton TorresRookies (8)Sasha AgentNicole BulcherStephanie HeymannKaitlin Le GrandAnn LuxAlyssa SarasaniOlivia StevanovskiLauren Williams

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