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April 23, 1989

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Q: What day did Barry Sanders get drafted into the NFL?
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What was berry sanders 40 time?

Barry Sanders did not participate in the 1988 Scouting Combine, but he did work out for scouts at the Oklahoma State Pro Day. Based on a excerpt of a scouting report posted on the NFL Hall of Fame website, written by Gil Brandt of the Dallas Cowboys, Barry Sanders ran a 4.37 forty.

Bo Jackson was drafted into Major League Baseball on this day in 1986. What other league did he play in?


Who played NBA and Major League Baseball in one day?

you might be thinking of NFL and MLB in one day and if so it was Deion Sanders

Nicknamed prime time and neon who was only person to play in a mlb and nfl game during the same day?

Deion Sanders

What is Barry Sanders longest TD run?

Barry Sanders longest TD run was 82 yards. The run occurred in week 7 of the 1997 season versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sanders had 24 rushes for 215 yards and three td's that day, two rushing (80, 82 yards)and one receiving (7 yards). The Lions won the game 27-9.

How old was Adrian Peterson when Brett Favre wasto drafted in the NFL?

Adrian "All Day" Peterson was 6 Years old

What round was Eli Manning drafted?

Eli Manning was the first pick of the first round in the 2004 NFL Draft. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and was traded that day to the New York Giants for quarterback Philip Rivers.

How many were drafted for d-day?

Figures like that are impossible to estimate. Many troops from all Allied countries were drafted and many were volunteers. Who is to say who was drafted exactly for D-Day.

Did Deion Sanders play baseball and football on the same day?

Yes, he did. "Sanders is the only man to have played in a MLB and NFL game during the same day- when in 1992 his Falcons played Miami and that same day he played for the Braves against Pittsburgh in an NLCS game [1], and he is also the only man to play in both a Super Bowl and World Series." -

What happens when you are drafted?

It's when you are drafted from your normal day living into the army. This means that you will have to obey orders from others, whereas in your day to day life you would probably have only had to answer to yourself.

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Barry Wells has written: 'The day the earth caught fire'

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