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Adrian "All Day" Peterson was 6 Years old

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Q: How old was Adrian Peterson when Brett Favre wasto drafted in the NFL?
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What jersey is better to buy Brett Favre or Adrian Peterson or both?

Adrian Peterson

Who is better Adrian Peterson or Brett Favre?

Adrian Peterson because AP is faster and a lot younger

Is Adrian Peterson good friends with Brett Favre?


What is the best quarterback running back combination in the NFL?

Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson

What nfl jersey is the best to buy Brett Favre Jared Allen or Adrian Peterson?

Brett Farve (NY Jets jersey)

Where was Brett favre drafted?

Brett Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, In the 1991 Draft.

Who are the best players in the Vikings?

1. Adrian Peterson 2. Brett Favre 3. Jared Allen 4. Percy Harvin

What spot was Brett Favre drafted at?

Brett Favre was drafted by that Atlanta Falcons in 1991 as the Sixth pick in the Second Round.

What team did Brett favre debut for?

Brett Favre was drafted by and debuted with the Atlanta Falcons.

What round was Brett favre drafted?

First round. Correction: Brett Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the NFL draft (33rd selection)

Who were the founding fathers and what did they do?

Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Jared Allen, and Brett Favre They led the vikings to a almost NFC chapionship win.

Who is the number one draft pick in fantsy football?

Adrian Peterson, hand down. Followed by, Maurice Jones-Drew and Tom Brady. Black horse QB - Brett Favre