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They Play at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

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Q: What city do the New England Patriots play their home games in?
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What NFL team has the best overall home record in history?

new England patriots

When were the New England Patriots banned from monday night footballl?

The New England Patriots were not allowed to host a Monday Night Footbal game between 1982 and 1994. The Patriots MNF game in 1981 was a raucous and rowdy affair, with scores of arrests and alcohol fueled fan violence. After that demonstration of boorish behavior by the Pats Faithful, the Town of Foxborough petitioned the NFL to ban MNF games in New England. The NFL consented, and the Patriots were not allowed to have any more home MNF games. Until 1995 that is. The new owner of the Patriots, Bob Kraft, sucessfully petitioned the Town of Foxborough and the NFL to allow MNF to return to Foxborough.

Which New England state the New England Patriots call home?

The stadium is in Massachusetts, so I say cities surrounding Foxborough or even Boston

Why did the Patriots lose bunker Hill to the British?

The Patriots lose Bunker Hill to the British because the Patriots ran out of ammunition. Peace out home brotha!

How many home games did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose between 2004 and 2008?

Between 2004-2008 the Steelers lost 11 home games, including playoff games: 1) 2004 - home record was 9-1 - only loss was to the New England Patriots, 41-27, in the AFC Championship game. 2) 2005 - home record was 5-3 - lost to the New England Patriots 23-2, Jacksonville Jaguars 23-17, and Cincinnati Bengals 38-31. 3) 2006 - home record was 5-3 - lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 28-20, Denver Broncos 31-20, and Baltimore Ravens 31-7. 4) 2007 - home record was 7-2 - lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 29-22, in the regular season and to the Jaguars, 31-29, in the playoffs. 5) 2008 - home record was 8-2 - lost to the New York Giants, 21-14, and the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20.

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