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A Basketball referees main responsibility is to ensure the safety off all players on and off the court, the second responsibility is to make the game run smoothly

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Q: What are the two main responsibilities of a referee in basketball?
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What are the two main responsibilities of a linesman in basketball?

i have no clue

How many referee in a basketball game?

there are two refferies in a Basketball game

How many refs are in a college basketball game?

College basketball games generally have three officials. They is officially one referee and two umpires and the lead referee is referred to as the crew chief.

What are the two main types of responsibilities?

Scarce , farrier

What is the number of referees in a football match?

4 feferees. The main referee, two line referees, and the 4th referee who controls the board for substitutions.

What are the two main defences in basketball?

The defenses in basketball are man to man and zone.

How man referees in soccer?

There are four referees for a game of football, two linesmen, one main referee and the 4th referee to show the time and to replace the referee if he falls sick ,like a catch in the leg.

What are 4 officials in the game of volleyball and their functions?

Up ref- The main referee Down ref- The second referee Two line judges- Judge the line

How does a basketball game start?

Two members of opposite teams stand in the middle of the court and jump for the ball as the referee throws it up in the air.

How many referees in world cup game?

There are four referees for each game, the main referee the two linesmen and the fourth referee who shows the time and change in number of the player.

Whats the name of how you start a basketball game?

When the referee throws the ball up between two players to start a game, that is called a jump ball.

What school did the two main characters attend in love and basketball?

They went to USC

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