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real madrid,manchester utd,liverpool fc,barcalona,bayern munich,celtic fc.

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Q: What are the top 6 soccer teams in the world?
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How many soccer leagues are there in the US?

Total Professional Teams 76 Mens teams include 12 from Major League Soccer (MLS) 12 from the First Division United Soccer League (USL) 9 from the Second Division United Soccer League (USL) 6 teams in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) Womens teams include 37 teams in the W-League a part of the USL

What are the top ten teams who won a FIFA football world cup?

The top ten teams to win the F.I.F.A world cup are as follows. 1) England ) Italy. 3) France. 4 Brazil. 5) Germany. 6 ) Argentina. 7) Uruguay.

How many fans do America soccer teams have in Mexico?

6 million in Mexico. A country of 133 million.

Name 3 professional sports that involve teams of 6 or more players?

baseball, soccer, football

Who are the Current ten highest paid soccer coaches for international soccer teams?

As of right now, 6/19, Fabio Capello (italian), England's Three Lion's Coach, is the highest paid coach in the world, making almost three times as much as other national coaches.

How many African teams in world cup 2010?


What city has 6 pro sports teams?

Washington DC. They have the Redskins (football), Nationals (baseball), Wizards (basketball) DC United (men's soccer), Bayhawks (lacrosse), and Freedom (women's soccer).

Who Are The Top 10 Soccer Teams In The World?

All down to your opinion, here's mine: 1. Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Manchester United 4. Chelsea 5. Inter Milan 6. Bayern Munich 7. Arsenal 8. Athletico Madrid 9. AC Milan 10. Manchester City

What are the top 5 mlb teams that have won the most World Series?

Top 5 teams Most World Series titlesNew York Yankees - 27 WS titlesSt. Louis Cardinals - 10 WS titlesOakland Athletics - 9 WS titlesBoston Red Sox - 7 WS titlesLos Angeles Dodgers - 6 WS titles

When does the soccer World Cup start?

The soccer world cup stars on 11/6/2010.

How many host countries won the soccer world cup?


What are the top 6 sports in America? 6. swimming