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Q: What are the chances of a college athlete that is drafted of being in the NFL hall of fame?
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Did being in college keep you from being drafted into World War 2?

Yes, being in college did keep one from being drafted into World War II.

How can you go to the NFL?

You can go to the NFL by being drafted from college, or being signed as a free agent.

Where did Eric staal go to college?

He didn't go to college. Went straight from the Ontario Hockey league to being drafted #2 by Carolina (Pittsburgh drafted Goalie Fleury #1)

What are the chances of being hired as a college head coach?


Why do college basketball players leave earlier than college football players?

I would assume it is because there is a higher probability of them being drafted into the NBA than there is for football players to be drafted into the NFL.

Do you need to go to collage to play baseball?

No. Attending college is not a requirement. Players are drafted from both high school and college. Some players drafted in high school choose to attend college in an effort to get into a lower draft round. Typically, the lower the draft round, the more money the player makes. Also, some players not drafted in high school attend college in hopes of being drafted.

What were exemptions from being drafted into the US army during the Vietnam War?

Physically unfit or mentally unstable, or a college student.

Do you have to have a college degree to coach college football?

Notre Dame has the most with 96 Hall of Famers, seven of them being Heisman winners.

What percent of hockey players get drafted to the NHL or a different hockey organization form Maine college?

The percentage of hockey players from Maine colleges being drafted to the NHL or other hockey organizations is very low, typically less than 1%. The majority of college hockey players do not get drafted and pursue other paths in their hockey careers.

What are the odds of being drafted to the NFL?

all you have to do is complete college and make it to the scouting combine, from there you might or might not get drafted by scouts of the NFL

Where did Tim hardaway go to college?

Tim Hardaway went to The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) before being drafted to the Golden State Warriors in 1989

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I like to plan ahead My current GPA is a 2.5 What are my chances of being accepted into a university or state college I will be doing ROTC as well?

You have very good chances of being accepted into college. During the next two years of high school, just focus on bringing your GPA up as high as possible.