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Beth tweddle started going to gym at the age of 7 at her local club

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Q: What age did Beth tweddle start gymnastics?
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At what age did Beth tweddle start gymnastics?

she was 12

Is it ok to start gymnastics at the age of 13?

Yes it is you can start gymnastics at 20

Is Beth Tweddle the oldest competing gymnast in the 2012 Olympics?

No. Beth Tweddle is 27. The oldest women's gymnast is Oksana Chusivitina, a native of Uzbekistan, competing for Germany, at age 37. The oldest male gymnast is Iordan Iovtchev of Bulgaria, at age 39. Iovtchev first competed internationally after Chusivitina, who was part of the Unified Team (former U.S.S.R.) in Barcelona in 1992.

Can you start at the age of 12 for gymnastics?

You can start at any age!

Is it to late to start gymnastics at the age of 12?

No, you can start gymnastics at any age. It is a fun sport to stay active and in shape for any age. :) Hope this helped

Is 12 an old age to start gymnastics?


Can you start gymnastics at age 12?

Of Course You Can!!

At what age did nastia liukin start gymnastics?

Nastia Liukin started gymnastics when she was only 3 years of age

What is gymnastics and what age is too old to start?

There is no height limit for gymnastics. And I am not sure about the age. I am 14 and I do gymnastics and I think that like 16-19 is too old. But there is no age limit

When did Larisa Semyonovna Latynina start gymnastics What age?

She was a ballerina before starting gymnastics somewhere around 1953 at age 18.

When did Lauren Mitchell start gymnastics?

Lauren started gymnastics whe n she was 5 years of age

When did Dominique dawes start gymnastics?

she started at age six