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The Pittsburg Steelers

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Q: What NFL team gets the best ratings?
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Best team on NFL?

Dallas Cowboys Best Team

Why are the Dallas Cowboys the best in the NFL?

Currently, they are not the best team in the NFL.

Could the best team in college beat the worst team in the NFL?

There is not a chance in the whole world that the best college team beat the worst NFL team!

What is the winning percentage when an NFL team gets a safety?


Are the Indianapolis Colts the best team in the NFL?

Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

Best team in the nfl?

The 49ERS

Who is best team in NFL?


Are you Packers the best NFL team?


What is the best NFL football team in the history of man kind?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the BEST NFL team in the history of man kind!

What is the best team in NFL?

The best team in the nfl is the Pittsburgh steelers

How many NFL draft picks play in the NFL?

It depends on which team and who gets cut. There is no exact number

Are the packers a good team?

yes... they are the best team in the NFL.